Neural IT

Speaker Bio

Sailesh Paul Peringatt is the CEO & co-founder of Neural IT, a company formed in 2004 to help arm plaintiff law firms with cutting-edge technology & to provide efficient, cost-effective, on-demand workforce to augment/save their time, money & resources.  Heading a young team gives him the unique advantage of keeping things moving at the speed of thought. With a varied background of heading multiple companies, Sailesh is in charge of Business Development. A go-getter who believes in taking the company into many allied areas of customer solutions besides growing their present gamut of services, he says, 'Taking your space for granted in a fast-evolving scenario is detrimental. If the world is becoming smaller, the consumers are demanding bigger and better solutions. Leadership means reading the times much before the consumers do, getting future-ready and empowering them with the understanding of both the solution and the potential for growth inherent within it.'