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Speaker Bio

Sandra L. Duggan is a native of St. Louis and she graduated from Washington University with Phi Beta Kappa. Having earned a J.D. degree from Columbia University School of Law, Ms. Duggan was admitted to the bar in 1986. Since moving to Philadelphia in 1989, Ms. Duggan has focused her practice on class action litigation.

She has served as a member of the Plaintiffs' Executive Committee in the national asbestos property damage class action, Prince George Center, Inc. v. U.S. Gypsum, et al. (C.C.P. Phila.), and she is counsel for class plaintiffs in the Title IX discrimination suit, Cohen v. Brown University, et al., (D.R.I.). Ms. Duggan has worked on In re School Asbestos Litig., (E.D. Pa.); Asbestos Claimants Committees in Celotex and National Gypsum Chapter 11 bankruptcies; In re Orthopedic Bone Screw Prods. Liab. Litig., MDL 1014 (E.D. Pa.); Diet Drugs Litigation, MDL 1203 (E.D. Pa.); In re EXXON VALDEZ; In re Chinese-Manufactured Drywall Prods. Liab. Litig., MDL 2047 (E.D. La.); In re VIOXX Prods. Liab. Litig., MDL 1657 (E.D. La.), and other securities fraud, shareholder and property damage class actions in federal and state courts.

Ms. Duggan served as a class action expert in In re “œNon-Filing” Insurance Fee Litig., MDL 1130 (M.D. Ala.). She was a contributing author and editor of the Third Edition of Herbert Newberg, Newberg On Class Actions, (3d ed. 1992) and she earned a Public Justice Achievement Award in July, 1999 from Public Justice for her work on the Brown University Title IX Litigation.