A Case for Women

Speaker Bio

Susan Jones Knape is Founder and President of A Case for Women, the only women-owned and women-focused marketing company in the legal industry. A Case for Women efficiently delivers signed, qualified plaintiffs through its proprietary data-driven advertising, 60-person intake department and signature brand. ACFW offers digital marketing campaigns, full intake services, and plaintiff follow-up communications.

Under Ms. Knape’s leadership, A Case for Women has worked with all of the leading plaintiff law firms in the U.S. and has developed a reputation as the go-to marketer for high quality case acquisition. ACFW consistently delivers signed cases that are thoroughly vetted, resulting in less than 5% attrition rate.

Ms. Knape is a nationally recognized thought leader in legal marketing and an advocate for women’s rights. Prior to founding A Case for Women, she worked for two decades in marketing then served as Chief Marketing Officer for Baron & Budd for 11 years.

She is dedicated to helping women across the U.S. change their lives by taking legal action and to supporting plaintiff attorneys who fight vigorously for their clients.

Ms. Knape is also the president of A Fund for Women, a 501(c)(3) that assists women in immediate financial need.