A Case for Women

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Susan Jones Knape is Founder and President of A Case for Women LLC, the nation's leader in advocacy for women who need contingency fee legal services. She launched the company seven years ago with her daughter and co-founder, Jordan Knape, who now oversees technology and operations.

While Susan's four-decade career in cause-oriented marketing laid the foundation for A

Case for Women, the “œlightbulb” came while she was Chief Marketing Officer for Baron &

Budd, a position she held for 11 years. During her tenure there she repeatedly saw that it was women ““ not men ““ who contacted the firm for legal help, even when the case involved injury to a man. Realizing that most legal advertising appealed specifically to men, she set out to create a new way of attracting plaintiffs: A way that resonated with women, the gatekeepers of families across every demographic in America.

A Case for Women's marketing and intake focus on personal empowerment, advocacy, legal literacy and the power to create meaningful change ““ not only for oneself but within the institutions and corporations that are supposed to protect us.

Distinctly, A Case for Women runs all campaigns under its trademarked brand name which has a Facebook following of over 200,000 fans.

In addition to A Case for Women, Susan recently developed a “œbrother” brand, A Case for Justice, to utilize when it is strategic to reach men directly.

A Case for Women now includes Susan's youngest daughter, August Knape, who is applying her Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins to ensure criteria is well-defined and scientifically concordant. Together, the Knape's oversee 60 men and women coast to coast who are just as excited about changing the world as they are!

Ms. Knape is also the president of A Fund for Women, a 501(c)(3) that assists women in immediate financial need.


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April 3

9:30 am Case Acquisition Part 2: Different Resources and Their Approaches to Marketing & Obtaining Potential New Clients Cristal 3

April 5

8:30 am Women in Legal Leadership Breakfast and Panel Discussion Cristal 3