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Speaker Bio

Susan has been part of the O'Mara Law Group legal team since 2008. She studied at Valencia and Seminole State Colleges and was on the President's List. She has been a nationally Certified Paralegal since 2008 as well as Registered Paralegal with the State of Florida. She has worked as family law paralegal since 1997 and prior to that worked with Clerk of Court from 1985 to 1997 where she served as a Court Clerk for Judge's on the Civil and Family Law Bench. She also serves as the Administrator for the Central Florida Family Law Inn where she has to opportunity to work with and know the finest family law attorneys and judiciary in Central Florida. Her responsibilities include recognizing and working with complex parenting issues, financial discovery and trial preparation. She is able to understand and work with the often difficult and emotional aspects of Family Law. She has lived in Central Florida since 1983 and enjoy spending time with her amazing husband of over 25 years, her two wonderful sons, equally talented paralegal daughter-in-law and her three awesome grandchildren.