Mass Tort Strategies

Speaker Bio

Tim Burd is the founder of the largest digital marketing community in the world and is the CEO of three privately held companies. Forbes calls him the “Godfather of Facebook Ads.” Burd founded and manages an enterprise-level advertising agency, Agency Y, with over $100M in ad budgets under management. He also travels the world, speaking at conventions and consulting Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startups, and governments on specialty digital marketing and business expansion. Burd has a strong passion for helping others succeed. One of his enterprises is known for hosting intimate, high-level two-day masterminds with celebrity speakers, Founders Mastermind. Burd also runs a legal services company called Mass Tort Strategies with over 50 employees in the Southern California office that helps find people who qualify for medical class action lawsuits and helps connect them with the right law firm. Mr. Burd resides in Southern California.


When to see them

April 3

1:30 pm Mass Tort Marketing Strategies New for 2024 Cristal 5