Law Offices of Tim Misny

Speaker Bio

First and foremost, Tim Misny is an entrepreneur who happens to be a personal injury lawyer.

Tim has inexplicably combined his powerful branding, “I’ll Make Them Pay!”, with television, social media, and Search Engine Optimization with uber success.

Tim will lay out practical marketing principles that will enable you to land mega cases on a regular basis.

Learn how to separate your firm from the clutter of competition by spending less! Achieve name recognition that targets your firm as the “go-to choice” whether it is in television and/or Search Engine Optimization.

Additionally, Tim’s entertaining presentation will offer never-before mentioned secrets on achieving number 1 status in consumer awareness in your market. Shockingly, accomplishing the top position for client choice does not always relate to the most money spent.

Tim, who has represented the injured victim throughout the United States for 34 years in mass torts and catastrophic injury claims, is based in Cleveland, Ohio.