Speaker Bio

Todd is a MASSIVE Co-Founder and specializes in connecting clients. An expert in pinpointing and solving problems, Todd is an entrepreneur who has founded and built two successful companies in the personal injury industry. He most recently has helped pioneer our proprietary software system to help manage and efficiently resolve medical lien claims made against personal injury settlements.

As Chief Executive Officer of MASSIVE, Todd and his team provide resources to assist attorneys in removing liability and resolving complex medical lien issues in a transparent and expedient manner. As an expert in lien resolution, Todd excels in understanding the subrogation difficulties trial lawyers face daily across the country. He continues to exceed expectations in helping law firms efficiently navigate the maze of lien resolution.

Through marketing, sales, state of the art technology and a high level of customer service, Todd has produced measurable results using disciplined and documented systems. As Todd works to help thousands of clients to receive the advocacy they deserve, he is often sought after to speak at legal industry events across the United States.

Married and the father of two girls, Todd is an active member of his community and a member of several Boards of not-for-profit organizations. Todd enjoys spending time with his family and being in the outdoors.