Jun 28, 2023 2:00 pm EST

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  • The Manual for Complex Litigation addresses the obligations of transferee judges in connection with appointing steering committees. What should that include regarding the inquiry associated with a lawyer's ability to finance the litigation and provide the requisite expertise and infrastructure?
  • Can the Court simply accept attestations from the lawyers regarding their financial status?
  • What documentation should or must a lawyer present regarding financial status?
  • Can the court on a regular basis continue to seek information regarding the lawyer's current financial status?
  • Must a lawyer provide loan documents including whether the loan is non-recourse along with the applicable interest rates and what if any control the lender has over the lawyer?
  • What control will non-lawyers have over lawyers that are in the same firm?
  • How will the Courts control non-lawyers?
  • Should states adopt the Arizona model of eliminating its version of Rule 5.4 entirely and allow firms to be owned by non-lawyers?