Sep 7, 2023 2:00 pm EST

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  • Overview of the decision in Mallory v. Norfolk Southern Railway Co.
    • Lead opinion of Justice Gorsuch focused on stare decisis and history
    • The key fifth vote was from Justice Alito, but his concurrence raised dormant commerce clause concerns
    • The case is now remanded to the PA Supreme Court, which may resolve the dormant commerce clause issue
  • Defendants have now turned to the dormant commerce clause, but there are strong counter-arguments
    • Old supreme court cases rejected dormant commerce clause challenges
    • The recent Pork Producers case showed the difficulty of Pike balancing claims
    • Other arguments
      • Procedural laws do not regulate interstate commerce
      • Most state laws trigger if a company is doing intrastate business (including PA)
      • States have a strong interest in opening their courts
  • Tips on effectively litigating jurisdiction after Mallory
    • Allege registration in the complaint
    • Investigate whether your state has a registration statute with the right features
  • Update on efforts in state legislatures to pass registration statutes
    • What features should such laws have to defang a dormant commerce clause challenge?