Jun 11, 2020 2:00 pm EST

A majority of lawyers fail to understand how bankruptcy in a mass tort case works. Because of that they are failing to collect millions of dollars that their clients are clearly entitled to. In addition to that problem, even experienced lawyers don’t understand that they should continue signing up cases for injured consumers even when the defendant company is involved in bankruptcy re-organization. Failure on the part of the lawyer to understand the process of collecting money for injured consumers in a Bankruptcy setting is a remarkable failure both to the lawyer practitioner and to that lawyer's client. Take time to finally educate yourself about how you may be failing your clients and your business by not understanding Mass Tort Bankruptcy Litigation.

Topics to Include:

  • Mass Tort Bankruptcy: What it is costing you not to understand this process.
  • You must be on the Creditors Committee: We will tell you how to do that.
  • If you don't understand the strategies behind Mass Tort Bankruptcy, you're costing your clients and firm huge money.
  • Now more than ever, law firms must pivot towards litigating In Mass Tort Bankruptcy.
  • It is time to develop a business relationship with a seasoned Mass Tort Bankruptcy Firm.

CLE State Approvals

Alabama: 1.50 hours, course #231529
Arizona: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
California: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Florida: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Georgia: 1.50 hours, course #272602
Louisiana: 1.50 hours, course #6084200611
Mississippi: 1.50 hours, no course code
Missouri: 1.80 hours, course #608994
New Jersey: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
New York: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Ohio: 1.50 hours, course #pending
South Carolina: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Texas: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Instructions to download Certificates of Attendance will be distributed soon.