Jun 23, 2020 2:00 pm EST


With recent market volatility, certain sectors of the market are down dramatically more than others.  For example, energy and transportation are down as much as 50% while others, like technology, are in the black.  Some Financial Advisors have defied industry standards and recommended concentrated positions causing large losses.  Similarly, several proprietary products marketed as “conservative” have also imploded. Thousands of investors have large and unnecessary losses which will result in claims being filed.

CLE State Approvals

Alabama: 1.50 hours, course #231556
Arizona: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
California: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Florida: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Georgia: 1.50 hours, course #273303
Louisiana: 1.50 hours, course #6084200623
Mississippi: 1.50 hours, no course code
Missouri: 1.80 hours, course #609950
New Jersey: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
New York: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Ohio: 1.50 hours, course #pending
South Carolina: 1.50 hours, course #20677ADO
Texas: 1.50 hours, course #174089429
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