Essential Tactics for Increasing Your Firm's Conversion Rates

By: Peter Webb, Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion

A reputable personal injury law firm with a strong brand and a solid online presence is likely to attract a lot of interest from the public “” but only some of those interested people will end up turning into retained clients.

Increasing the rate at which you convert that interest into cases should be at the heart of your firm's growth strategy. And besides the obvious benefits of building up your client pool, making those conversions also has the added advantage of lowering your case acquisition costs.

So if you're looking to grow your practice, employing tried and true strategies for increasing your conversion rate and enhancing your firm's visibility is going to be a key component to your success. The results will pay off in lower overhead and more revenue.

Let's take a look at some must-know approaches and areas that you should continually be improving…



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