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Our wide variety of programs ensure that you will receive the latest on new and emerging mass torts projects.

Mass Torts Made Perfect

MTMP Seminars

The seminars and webinars are designed for individuals working in the area of plaintiff mass torts, class actions, and personal injury litigation, and those looking to expand their practice to include these areas.

MTMP Connect

MTMP Connect Litigation Webinars

MTMP Connect isthe leading provider of FREE content covering the latest new on mass tort projects, new and emerging cases, case acquisitor, class actions, and professional development.

Paralegal College

Paralegal College Webinars

Lawyers aren’t the only ones who need a new way to stay connect these days—paralegal who work hand in hand with their teams of lawyers need support as well. We offer free webinars for paralegals looking for professional development.

International Legal Institute

International Legal Institute Webinars

The International Legal Institute brings together a sophisticated panel if speakers for a series of thought-provoking programs that discuss and debate issues relating to the US and European legal systems.

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