Speaker Bio

Gary Falkowitz is the CEO of Intake Conversion Experts, LLC (ICE), part of the Martindale-Avvo network, President of Maximum Intake Consulting Inc. and Managing Partner at The Falkowitz Law Firm PLLC. He has been an attorney for 14 years and has separated himself in this industry as the leading expert on Intake. In addition to consulting law firms and attorneys on the importance of creating, utilizing, managing and maximizing the intake process, Gary's intake team at ICE offers law firms of all sizes the ability to outsource the intake process which, he believes, can increase the retention rate by more than 20%.

Mass torts has been a great source of revenue for law firms nationwide. Until now, one of the barriers that has prevented smaller law firms from flourishing in the mass torts arena, and larger law firms from maximizing their ROI, is their ability, or inability, to appropriately respond to leads, qualify cases immediately, follow up frequently and persistently, and acquire a signed retainer repeatedly. Given what ICE is doing on a daily basis, law firms no longer need to worry about how to handle the intake themselves.

Here's the best part. ICE only gets paid a flat fee when, and ONLY when, they acquire a signed retainer using the law firm's qualification criteria and the law firm's retainer. No cost per lead. No cost per minute. No cost per qualified case. This cost-per-retention model allows ICE to partner with law firms under the same arrangement that law firms apply with their own clients; that is, ICE only gets paid when it is successful.

Gary has also recently authored the book, The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake, which he believes is a must-read for all personal injury law firms spending money marketing for leads. Personally, Gary is a husband to a loving and caring wife and father to three wonderful children. He and his family are actively involved in their community, where Gary serves as Village Prosecutor. Gary believes that family always comes first, and he hopes to instill in his children that with hard work and passion, anything can be accomplished.