Signature Resolution

Speaker Bio

Hon. Ann I. Jones (Ret.) is bringing her experience in both mediation and arbitration to Signature Resolution’s neutral panel. This move comes after her initial transition to full-time mediation and arbitration, which followed a nearly three-decade career on the bench.

Judge Jones’ tenure in alternative dispute resolution began during her time as a magistrate judge with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. She then continued to develop her skills as an IC Judge and later in the Complex Civil Courts. This experience gave her a keen insight into cases’ strengths and weaknesses and an eye for valuation ranges.

Furthermore, as a CEQA judge and pro tem appellate jurist, Judge Jones has over six years of relevant experience in California environmental law. Her understanding of both the relevant statutes and regulations allows her to assess the relative strengths and obstacles in CEQA litigation. In an area of the law that often presents highly scientific questions, Judge Jones is capable of digging into the expert evidence and assessing complex technical issues. Her relevant cases included assessments of greenhouse gas emissions, historical and ethnographic impacts, and claims regarding endangered or threatened plants and animals. Environmental cases also present a mix of monetary and non-monetary issues, which create a myriad of opportunities for resolution. While parties often begin the process with heavy investments in their initial positions, experienced mediators, such as Judge Jones, seek to facilitate creative compromise.

Additionally, her time in Writs and Receivers as a judge with the Los Angeles Superior Court prepared her to work with efficiency and make tough calls when navigating sensitive, high-profile areas of law. Following this varied and esteemed judicial career, Judge Jones joined JAMS as an arbitrator, mediator, special master/referee, and neutral evaluator before bringing her expertise to Signature Resolution, where she plans to dive further into her passion for mediation.

Each of these experiences has shaped Judge Jones’ collaborative, flexible mediation style””one where she relates to her clients and works jointly with them. She fully believes in the benefits of alternative dispute resolution over the often painful, difficult process of litigation. Judge Jones allows her cases to unfold without preconceived notions of what the outcome may be, creating a two-way street for parties to reach resolution. She finds that, by being a dynamic problem solver and helping feuding parties anticipate future hurdles, she is better able to reach effective outcomes.

Judge Jones is highly regarded as an open-minded, intelligent, and discerning mediator and arbitrator. Her decades of working alongside lawyers and judges, expertise across myriad practice areas, and kind demeanor have set her apart in this space.