Law Tigers

Speaker Bio

Jake Kulp is a 38 – year veteran in the Business Development field. He has worked for two publicly traded companies, one of which was a Fortune 500 company that was sold for $12 billion, and with three privately owned companies over his career. Jake has been immersed in a variety of industries including the aerospace and defense industry, the commercial manufacturing services industry and most recently he is helping attorney’s make long-term business decisions regarding lucrative niche marketing investments in the motorcycle personal injury practice area.

His business and marketing experience has centered around consultative methods of working with clients and prospective clients and determining the appropriate “fit” for given business models to synergistically grow together. He has nurtured a strong reputation of trust and applied business acumen to optimize complex decisions in very complex business models. Jake’s role, as the Vice President of Business Development at the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, is the consultative selling of the remaining open memberships in the exclusive territories.