May Lightfoot

Speaker Bio

Ms. Jung was recently appointed by a federal judge to the leadership team of the Zantac Multi-District Litigation in Florida. She will play a key role in the national litigation and discovery related to the hundreds of Zantac cases filed throughout the country. May Lightfoot filed the first Zantac case in the District of Columbia.

Ms. Jung has committed her career and passion to fighting for the communities that have been left out of or abused by the justice and legal system. She has over 23 years of litigation, regulatory, and compliance experience spanning the areas of consumer protection, civil rights, discrimination, financial services,  and mortgage data collection. Over the two decades that she spent at the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she represented the United States in all phases of large pattern or practice civil rights matters in fair and responsible lending; consumer protection; housing and public accommodations discrimination; police misconduct; civil rights of institutionalized persons in mental health and juvenile facilities, prisons, and jails; access to clinic entrances and reproductive rights; and religious land use and zoning cases. After the federal government, Ms. Jung entered the private sector as General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer at one of the fastest growing nonbank mortgage companies originating and servicing residential loans in the post Dodd-Frank regulatory environment. 

Ms. Jung joined May Lightfoot in 2019. Ms. Jung brings her diverse background and experience to represent individuals who have been wrongfully injured and/or discriminated against by corporations, pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement personnel, or private financial industries.