Mass Tort Medical Consultants

Speaker Bio

Keli began her nursing journey over 14 years ago. She has worked in many areas, specializing in critical care, Emergency, Flight, ICU, Informatics, and travel nursing. Keli now enjoys teaching our future generations of nurses as a college professor in New Mexico.

Keli initially entered the legal world with her firm, Critical Care Nurse Consulting, focusing on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. She has successfully grown and maintained her business while co-founding Mass Tort Medical Consultants. Since then, she has worked on various torts, changing the way traditional torts are done.

Keli's tremendous initiative and drive to do and be better drives Mass Tort Medical Consultants to deliver the best to our clients and their attorneys. Her judgment and ability to analyze problems ensure a logical and practical approach to tort analytics.

 Keli completed her Master's in Forensic Nursing in December 2022. She enjoys mentoring young women who want to pursue a career in the sciences or small business and is dedicated to helping others grow. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her senior dogs and hikes with her supportive husband. If she has a stretch of free time, you will find her on the beach.