Roll SEO Consulting

Speaker Bio

Luke Kist is the founder and owner and CEO of the web marketing company Roll SEO. In just 2 years since its creation, his online advertising agency has managed to rank at least a dozen mass tort pages (including Xarelto and other “big ones”) on the top results of Google's first page. Luke's company mission is to provide his clients with an highly customized, finely-tailored service that favor quality over quantity. Roll SEO team only comprises a few selected professional that specialize in design, advertisement, programming and medical writing and shine among the best of their own categories. Since he firstly founded Roll SEO, Luke's personal marketing strategy was to build a “boutique” company that allows him and his team to fully focus on just an handful of clients at a time to give them an unsurpassable edge over the competition.

Luke previous experiences honed his highly-effective and unique marketing approach. In 2005 he was accepted to attend Miami Advertising School as the only person with no college degree. In 2007, after realizing he was missing real life skills and the practical abilities required by advertising industry, he accepted his first role as lead contour technology consultant. Since then, he managed to lead several firms from zero funding start-ups to succesful marketing enterprises thanks to his leadership skills and entrepreneurial passion. His uncanny marketing genius, and unquestionable talent as team leader, led him to coordinate up to 500 workers as Head of Department of the User Experience / User Interface Design (UX/UI) Designer at Celcite Management Solutions (now Amdocs).

Luke firmly believes that the future of marketing lies on the advanced engineering of customized mobile applications. He's truly passionate about his work, and his “secret marketing recipe” is much more than providing his customers with the best, most enjoyable user experience. With a mix of talent, genius, experience and, most of all, hard work, he now selected a full team of specialists that he promptly called the “A-Team of online advertising”. His latest web marketing agency, Roll SEO, builds political and progressive news apps for famous personalities and companies including The Ring of Fire and Thom Hartman.

When he's not at work, Luke loves spending his spare time on the beach with his two dogs, or playing Nintendo retro-games and MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.