Speaker Bio

Sheldon works at Google and leads sales enablement, acceleration, and leadership for Google Marketing Solutions: Partner Acceleration. He devises and executes strategies with Google Partners across the Americas to dismantle roadblocks, grow revenue, and maximize return on investment while developing confident, convicted, and believing teams. Sheldon has coached digital marketing strategy at the University of Central Florida's Business Incubation Unit and counseled on their upper echelon strategic marketing team.

He is a dynamic speaker, audience motivator, and travels across North America speaking on behalf of Google and its partner organizations. He is a regular speaker for keynotes, industry and sales conferences, as well as frontline and leadership coaching. His mission is to simply the complex digital marketing landscape by delivering in-the-moment and actionable insights to his audiences. As a husband, father, and son of a lifetime entrepreneur, Sheldon is able to identify with all walks of life and coach people where they need it most. At Google, Sheldon coaches internally to assist his fellow “Googlers” to learn how to present with charisma and purpose.