The Rainmaker Institute

Speaker Bio

Two-time international best-selling author, Stephen Fairley is the Founder and CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation's largest law firm marketing company specializing in marketing and lead conversion for small to medium law firms. Over 10,000 attorneys nationwide have benefited from learning and implementing the proven Rainmaker Marketing System.

Stephen was academically trained as a clinical psychologist and ran 2 successful small businesses prior to focusing on the legal marketplace.

Over the last 14 years, he has become a nationally recognized legal marketing expert and been named, “America’s Top Marketing Coach.” He has spoken numerous times for over 35 of the nation’s largest state and local bar associations and has a large virtual footprint with his highly successful Rainmaker legal marketing blog and has over 150,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stephen has appeared in Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, has authored 12 books, taken 15 cruises, and traveled to 35 countries. He resides in Phoenix with his wife of 19 years.