bureau Brandeis

Speaker Bio

Wesley Vader is a senior associate at bureau Brandeis. Wesley has been an attorney since 2007 and focuses entirely on the Corporate & Commercial Litigation practice.

Wesley has extensive experience in liability law in a broad sense. Wesley handles, among other things, director liability cases, shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, but also class actions and cartel damages cases. In addition, Wesley has a special focus on the corporate fraud practice and a track record in the field of recovery of damages, asset tracing, disclosure proceedings and prejudgment attachment on evidence.

Wesley started as an attorney at the office that is now called Eversheds Sutherland. From 2010, Wesley has been working in the Litigation practice of Lexence. Wesley completed his law degree in Dutch law at the University of Groningen in 2007. During a semester he studied in Canada at the University of Western Ontario. In 2013, Wesley graduated cum laude from the post-graduate specialization course in ‘Enterprise and Liability’ at the Grotius Academy.

Wesley regularly lectures in the areas of directors’ liability and corporate fraud. He also publishes with some regularity, among others in the Tijdschrift voor de Ondernemingsrecht Praktijk (TOP).

– in Dutch regarding the duty of care in the corporate practice (Zorgplichten in de ondernemingsrechtpraktijk in TOP 2014/583);
– in Dutch regarding fraud in the corporate practice (Fraude in de ondernemingsrechtpraktijk: drempels bij het nemen van verhaal in TOP 2016/346); en
– in Dutch regarding the liability of taking advantage of fraud (Profiteren van fraude: de glijdende schaal van onrechtmatig naar ongerechtvaardigd in TOP 2018/482).