Jul 14, 2020 2:00 pm EST

This webinar brings everyone up to date on the most recent happenings in the Allergan BIOCELL breast implant litigation and the expectation for case development going forward.  It includes a discussion of the remedies available to claimants in the class action track as well as the types of claims encompassed in the mass tort personal injury track.  It also provides a discussion of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and its potential causes.


MTMP Connect is applying for CLE in the following jurisdictions:

Alabama: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Arizona: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
California: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Florida: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Georgia: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Louisiana: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Mississippi: 1.50 hours, pending
Missouri: 1.80 hours, course #pending
New Jersey: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
New York: 1.50 hours, reciprocity state
Ohio: 1.50 hours, course #pending
South Carolina: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Texas: 1.50 hours, course #pending
Instructions to download Certificates of Attendance will be distributed soon.