Jul 9, 2020 2:00 pm EST


  • Moneyball your Marketing: Optimize Response Data to Outsmart Competition
  • Applying a Comprehensive Online & Offline Balanced Approach to Local Marketing
  • Using the 30 minute Personal Injury Infomercial to Brand Your Firm and Differentiate from Competitors
  • Adjusting Ad Spending & Media in COVID-times with CAMG’s Mobility Index
  • A 360-Degree Approach to Sex Abuse Marketing
  • Comprehensive Digital Strategies to Reach Single Event Clients
  • Creative Strategies with Proven Success
  • Identifying Bottlenecks and Other Causes of Inefficiency
  • Reduce Liability and Costs
  • Benefits of Partnering with an Alternative Legal Service Provider
  • Building Financial Resilience into Firm Workflows
  • Financial Feedback Loops in Firms: Signals vs Noise
  • How to Identify Limits to Financial Optimization