Feb 15, 2024 2:00 pm EST

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Join us for an eye-opening webinar where we delve into the intricate world of ethics for paralegals. In today’s digital age, the lines between personal and professional conduct blur, presenting unprecedented challenges for legal professionals.

Are you inadvertently putting your clients at risk by sharing photos and videos, even if they’re publicly available? Discover the hidden dangers of social media oversharing and learn best practices for safeguarding your clients’ interests.

Have you ever wondered how your online interactions could impact your case? We’ll explore the perilous territory of being too friendly with plaintiffs and the potential consequences for your professional reputation and the outcome of your cases.

Furthermore, we’ll dissect the perils of public disparagement of defendants. In the age of instant communication, one ill-advised comment could jeopardize your credibility and client’s case.

Led by seasoned legal professionals, Attorney Virginia Buchanan and Paralegal and Certified Legal Investigator Carol Moore, this webinar promises invaluable insights, practical tips, and real-world case studies to help you navigate ethical complexities with confidence and integrity.

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