May 5, 2020 2:00 pm EST



  • Marketing Landscape in a COVID Environment – details, data & analysis
  • Creative Strategies appropriate for COVID
  • Business Interruption Insurance Litigation – Our research, demographics & Policy Retrieval Service for your local markets or national
  • Digital, Social, Streaming, TV, Radio, OTT – Testing and optimizing best results for each unique litigation
  • Leveraging Digital Activity with CAMG Insta-Sign, converting digital leads to signed contracts.
  • Ethics – CAMG White Paper, what to watch out for & vetting lead suppliers & brokers correctly

X Social Media

  • How to keep busy with No Personal Injury Claims during the Pandemic?
  • How to pivot your business during the Pandemic?
  • New Tort areas coming with the pandemic? What are they and how do I get involved?
  • Renewed focus on Bankruptcies for current torts and new torts after the pandemic
  • Strong torts going on right now with plenty of cases

Broughton Partners

  • Mass Tort Marketing vs. Personal Injury Marketing vs. Legal Marketing in General (comparison)
    • Audience Identity, Branding, Education, Message/Offer
  • Fundamentals & Complexities of Mass Tort Lead Gen
  • Marketing; After the Initial Webform Submission and/or Phone Call
    • Qualifying and Converting the Lead
    • TCPA and Ethics Compliance
  • Benefits and Importance of Leveraging Mass Tort Case Generation Experts