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  2. Download the Registration Contract
  3. Fill out the contract completely and provide payment.
  4. Submit contract to and wait for your confirmation email.

Vendor Perks

  1. Company name, logo and website linked on our MTMP conference page AND Conference App
  2. 10×10 pipe and draped booth in exhibit hall OR 8×8 skirted table in foyer
  3. Admission for 4 booth staff to attend all educational sessions, Breakfast and lunch each day, and two networking receptions.
  4. (2) Attendee lists: one pre-show, one post-show
  5. Vendors can provide 30-second video to be shown on TV monitor in conference foyer and in hotel rooms.
  6. Vendors can participate in 5 minute presentations to vendors and attendees for a chance to win a discount on a $100,000 loan.
  7. Option to be purchase our Text Branding Service to connect with attendees.
  8. Free WiFi in exhibit hall and general sessions
Mass Torts Vendor Association

Members of the Mass Torts Vendor Association get a $150 exhibitor reimbursement. Please contact Trevor Goins at for the reimbursement.

Unauthorized Company Contacts and Assistance

FRAUD ALERT: We would like to make you aware of a situation that has been brought to our attention. There are companies (such as, Exhibition Hotel Management, Convention Housing Services and Global Housing) who have been contacting our exhibitors to “assist” with hotel reservations. They sometimes disguise themselves as the MTMP Housing Bureau or some affiliate of MTMP, or claim to represent The Bellagio. They may claim they can get better rates, that rooms are limited, or use other sales pitch methods. They are NOT the official housing bureau and are NOT affiliated with MTMP or The Bellagio in any way.

If you receive a call from this or any company claiming to represent MTMP or The Bellagio, be aware that this may be a scam and DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATION. These companies are not affiliated with us in any capacity. If you are contacted by any such company, please ask for the company name, phone number, address, and contact who called (email if possible) and email it to us. Typically, once you start asking for their information, they will hang up on you.

Please make your reservations directly with The Bellagio Hotel Room Reservations Dept.

Contact Us

For questions regarding sponsorship and exhibits, contact:

PLEASE NOTE: MTMP reserves the right to refuse exhibit space or sponsorship to any company it deems to be in any way unsuitable.

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