Jul 21, 2020 2:00 pm EST

Not familiar with bankruptcy? Doesn’t matter, this webinar will give you all you need to know and more importantly give you the confidence to get cases today and begin representing these survivors! The panelist will cover the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings and the mission critical importance of the proof of claim process in bankruptcy’s litigation environment. This webinar will provide a foundational exploration of some of the key components in the bankruptcy proceedings process such as:

  • Initial filing
  • Appointment of the critically important constituents involved specifically trustees, future claims representative, unsecured creditors’ committee, etc.
  • Analysis of liabilities
  • Fulfillment of a proof of claim process
  • Establishment and administration of a settlement process 
    • Discussion on allocation methodologies
  • Financial implications of administrative inefficiency
  • Disbursement of settlement funds 

Learn firsthand as our expert panelists walk you through these fundamental steps as they apply to current ongoing bankruptcy proceeding, namely the Boy Scouts of America and Imerys Bankruptcy trust. Our speakers will analyze the process, explain the cases and the reasoning behind the steps that have already been taken, those that are in process, and the ones that are yet to come. Leaving this webinar you will have the tools and information necessary to get these cases today and begin holding the defendants accountable.

Even for those attorney’s or legal professional’s looking to establish an even stronger understanding of the bankruptcy process and for those actively or expecting to participate in the Boy Scouts of America proceeding or Imerys proceeding, you can’t miss this informative and dynamic presentation.