Apr 8, 2020 12:00 am EST


Tomorrow, April 8th at 2PM Eastern, The Initial Census Team will be giving an in-depth presentation regarding the Census Plus Program and The Registry that was discussed in PTO # 15.  Zantac MDL PTO #15 describes the Initial Census Program and the Census Plus Program.  On our webinar last week, we discussed the Initial Census Program that is required to be completed by Leadership Applicants.  On our webinar tomorrow, we will discuss the optional Census Plus Program and we will discuss the benefits and concerns of the Census Plus Program, along with a thorough discussion of the Census Plus Program.

Who Should Plan to Attend? This webinar is for the Plaintiffs’ Bar Only.  Only law firms that represent Zantac Plaintiffs or believe that they will soon be representing Zantac Plaintiffs should attend.  The Initial Census Program only pertained to Leadership Applicants and law firms with pending lawsuits in the Zantac MDL.  However, the Census Plus program is an optional program that allows for important benefits to clients and this webinar should be attended by any law firms who currently represent Zantac Plaintiffs or will soon be representing Zantac Plaintiffs.